injected halogen.


walk past collared passives.
don't look toward their eyes.
it adds to their discomfort,
shows there's some confidence they miss.


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im the strange and sometimes hated friend. but still reliable and smarter than people think. :-P

Thanks. Added. Return the favor?

Love the name Discobl00dbath. My friend kev hung out with Mr. James St James.

Oh my god!!!! *seizures* I would so LOVE to meet that man. Added. Return the favor??

Hello there!
I apologise if this message causes you any inconviences, but my friend and I made a rating community not too long ago. It's just getting started and all that jazz so it's not that great. But we'd love to have you there. heh.


Thank you. I shall apply very shortly.

You promoted a community to me and seemed kind of interesting. Add?

Sweetheart, it's bl00dobsessed. Of course I shall add you.

Oh! Look at that. I feel kind of silly, now. ^^

as a kite

as the mod from the community _yummielici0uz i am requesting that all members have a promotion banner IN THEIR USERINFO. you don't have one so can you PLEASE put on in your userinfo. i will be checking back on you, as you are now put on the warning side, in about 2 weeks and if you dont have the banner up on YOUR USERINFO (NOT AN ENTRY) then i will have no choice but to remove you. the reason for this is for promotion purposes. so PLEASE i ask of you nicely if you can please put our promotion banner in your userinfo. thank you.

(Deleted comment)
hey, got a rename token. re-add pls

You found me! ♥♥
Added. Return the favor?

SUP HOMIE?! Its Jenn so you best be adding me!

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